Established in 2006, created by bookbinders and paper aristocrats.

The experience and knowledge of the printing and design industry came together to bring into life the idea of handcrafted quality stationery products with a twist of unique yet subtle design.

Along with product production and design, our most important goal is to add value to everyday products and turn the ordinary into extraordinary by placing a sense of aesthetics and functionality on each page of our books.


Each notebook is carefully handcrafted by book masters of our workshop. Our products are born in Latvia, Riga – from shaping the idea, the selection of paper, printing, binding to cutting the edges till perfection is made.


We believe that beauty lies in simplicity, but the value lies in content and quality. The design is there to create a sense of freedom rather than rules. We take care of the details so that everyone who holds their Purpurs notebook has a feeling – everything is exactly how it should be.


Sustainability and responsibility have always been at the core of the company.

We choose only certified materials from ethical European factories that gives back what it takes and more – clean water reservoirs, plant new forests, and recycle paper. In our workshop, every centimeter of paper is either recycled or used efficiently. Check out the recycled resource inspired collection “Paper with 9 Lives”.


The right paper choice is what defines our products. Each paper type, print, volume, and shade fits a distinct purpose of use. We have thoughtfully selected and combined the details for your creative expression and everyday projects.


As times change, so does the meaning of the writing. Handwriting has changed to something special and personal, it has become a process – journaling, a tool for creativity, determination of future plans or simply daydreaming. The right notebook will become your best companion, choose wisely!