PURPURS stands for specially designed high-quality paper products made from carefully selected materials harmoniously blending beauty and usefulness.


At Purpurs, every product we create embodies the respect we have for its users. We aim to inspire people to transcend the mundane and reach for unrestrained self-expression.

At Purpurs, we strive to give our products an air of dignity by subtly combining rational functionality and aestheticism.

Purpurs paper products belong to the longstanding cultural tradition of practical simplicity and modernity walking hand in hand to create a sense of wholeness and perfection.

Paper catches fire easily, yet it can be used to produce fire-resistant materials. It dissolves in water; nonetheless, we can make a paper boat and make it float.

On the one hand, paper is hard enough to be shaped into furniture; on the other, it can be surprisingly soft – soft enough for the delicate skin of a baby.

Paper can be extremely cheap but it can also cost its weight in gold. Paper often ends up in a dump, yet it can just as easily make its way to the vaults of renowned museums.

Paper can perish in an instant, yet – if recycled and given a new life – it can last forever.

(Ginta Šmite, Creative director of PURPURS)


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